Untitled, 2012 John Fogarty Mixed media on paper

crosscurrent variation

lunapic crop and edit


Mixed Media, Night, Flashlight, Artist, Night Shift, Collage, Mix Media, Artists

ESA Var.3

Artist, Photos, Explore, Pictures, Photographs, Artists

Snow eye

Eye, Artist, Photos, Snow, Explore, Pictures, Human Eye, Let It Snow, Photographs

Mocha/Variation 2

Mocha, Artist, Moka, Artists

Four Spaces

Artist, Spaces, Artists

If your future self could advise

If your future self could advise

Light cubes

more experimenting with the photos and LunaPic freeware to spur on ideas that i can use after printing some of these out and collaging them into physical pieces.

Head Space

collage, pen, acrylic, and paint pens on paper


original size to see in gif form