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Scroll tattoos are very impressive to watch at as they depict quite interesting messages. Here are the top picks of scroll tattoo designs for your idea so as to get them tattooed


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Your man’s strong relationship with his mom might have won you over early on in your relationship. Whether the mama’s boy in question is your husband or boyfriend, it could.

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Australia Day Toppers and Flags . Yep the free printables are great but i love the Sydney opera house pavlovas! what a fantastic idea.

Watching over the faithful

The Madonna dei Martiri has been celebrated in Port Pirie since Gold jewellery and other offerings to the Virgin Mary have been pinned to a blanket by the faithful over the years.

Readying the boat

Every year at the start of spring the streets of Port Pirie are filled with the colour, sounds and sights of a festival with its roots in a medieval Italian fishing community.

Ferried around the river

A fleet of boats led by the Oronzo did a lap of the Port Pirie River with the Madonna as part of the ceremony. Members of the Our Lady of Martyrs Italian Community accompanied the statue out to sea.

Final mass

Two carabinieri gaze at the Madonna from their pews in St Anthony's Church, where the Blessing of the Fleet celebration ends with a short benediction.