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A selection of picture books which can be used as related texts for NSW HSC English Discovery
The Little Prince: Simple words can pack a profound punch.  Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Le Petit Prince looks and reads like a children’s picture book.  story of ageless lessons and observations, engaging with the world through the eyes of a child to examine love and the importance of the imagination.

Le Petit Prince (By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)In 2000 Harcourt proudly reissued Antoine de Saint-Exupérys masterpiece, The Little Prince, in a sparkling new format. Newly translated by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Howard, this timeless.

Picture Book: The Arrival by Shaun Tan details the journey of an immigrant by taking the reader into a world where nothing is familiar. The world that is created is amazing, but the art that makes up the book is even more astounding. It is typical of all the work that Tan creates and is one book of many that can be for adults and children. This is a story about migrants, refugees and displaced people who have made this journey.

Teachers & librarians discussing the graphic novel The Arrival. This is an awesome wordless graphic novel.

Picture Book: The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. Themes: Belonging Description: A story about a boy who discovers a bizarre-looking creature whilst out collecting bottle-tops at the beach. Having guessed that it is lost, he tries to find out who owns it or where it belongs, but the problem is met with indifference by everyone else. In spite of his better judgement, the boy feels sorry for this hapless creature, and attempts to find out where it belongs. Now an Oscar winning short film.

the Lost Thing: Shaun Tan Great sophisticated picture book that will get you thinking. Great in the class room to inspire writing.

Picture Book: Ziba Came On A Boat - a refugee from Afghanistan flees her homeland with her mother in search of freedom.

Ziba Came on a Boat by Liz Lofthouse and illustrated by Robert Ingpen. The story of a little girl whose family has lost almost everything. This picture book takes us on her journey to make a new life, far from home.

Picture Book: Erika's Story by Ruth Vander Zee: A desperate Jewish mother throws her baby from a death train and a German woman risks her life to bring the baby up.

If you are looking for an amazing picture book for all ages that captures the events of the Holocaust, you must read Erika's Story by Ruth Vander Zee,

Combining humour and surreal fantasy, Shaun Tan pictures a summer in the lives of two boys. Each spread tells of an event and the lesson learned. By turns, these events become darker and more sinister as the boys push their games further and further. (from There is a helpful teachers' guide at!aboutus

Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan. Two boys explain the occasionally mysterious "rules" they learned over the summer, like never eat the last olive at a party, never ruin a perfect plan, and never give your keys to a stranger.

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