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a white spiral object is shown on a white background with black lines in the center
a yellow and green object with a screw in it's center on a white background
two metal bowls sitting next to each other on a white surface with shadows coming from them
Trinity / Alessi — adamcornish design
two colorful objects are standing next to each other on a gray background, one is made out of metal and the other has an abstract design
Alessandlo M & Anna G
an image of people in different colored clothes
an image of men's clothing in different colors and sizes on a white background
Marco Zanuso and Alessandro Mendini: an illusory opposition
two stainless steel coffee pots sitting on top of a counter next to each other in front of blue curtains
Alessi Icons: La cupola
a black and white photo of vases and cups
Kuru Kuru – Minimalissimo - Minimalism in Design
I decided to commence this design exploration, which is also the start of a new brand called Il Tornitore Matto (The Mad Turner), because examining …
two stainless steel coffee mugs sitting next to each other on a red surface with vertical lines in the background
Alessi Icons: 9090
a black and silver serving tray on a white surface with handles to the side,
three bottles of champagne in a silver and black vase
Noè Rinfrescatore - giulio iacchetti