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ThermoFun - Thermomix Frequently Used Reference Tips

Here is a list of frequently used Thermomix Reference Tips that I use often. I have it printed out and stuck to the inside of my pantry door. I find it quicker to refer to this rather then flick…

Stevia Conversion Chart

Stevia Conversion Chart - THM Super Sweet = 1 c Erythritol + 1 t. Pure Stevia (or drops liquid Stevia)

Ingredient substitutions

Extensive List of Ingredient substitutions.Additionally, I combine coconut & almond flours with a small amount of flax/chia blend as a substitute for theTHM baking blend in recipies and it works beautifully with less carbs

Honey/maple syrup conversion

How To Substitute Sugar - Dry to Liquid Sugar Substitute Chart. (Using Honey or Maple Syrup instead of Sugar)

Oils & best uses

All about healthy oils and their health benefits and use as natural remedies including almond avocado coconut flaxseed peanut hemp seed olive macadamia nut walnut sesame fish oil and ghee (clarified butter)

Oils to use

What to eat on Paleo! + The Paleo Fitness Challenge kicks off Mon. Even though I don't eat paleo, I do enjoy eating nonprocessed foods. This fat/oil chart is great for keeping it real.