Nazia Wasif

Nazia Wasif

Nazia Wasif
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Use air dry clay to make your own Diy Hand-Painted Glazed Clay Bowls

Today I thought we'd go back to basics and make the classic diy clay bowl. I think we all know by now how much I love making things out of air dry clay.

Got spare yarn and an old cereal box? Then make some Modern Tin Art! An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet

Thema Kunst: Most projects like this use glue to hold the yarn. You have to let the glue dry before you can start coloring. This project starts with notched cardboard, so you can start coloring the foil immediately.

DIY ~ How To Dye Fabric The Natural Way

How To Dye Fabric The Natural Way. Here’s a super easy project using turmeric powder to turn a boring white pillowcase into a gorgeous pop of color for your living room. There are no harsh chemicals or fumes involved.