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Olivia Guy

I love the Hunger Games and anytgung
Olivia Guy
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Just Let It In<<<<I did, we're having tea now<<<<< It wants me back, I told it no. I already replaced it with another. XD <<< Now you're just some sink I used to know<--(some sink,. That I use to know)<<< I sink I like all these puns

Sectors of the city 1-9 (Underground - Above ground) **None of the photo's are mine*Used only for example** Created by @paintsplatter24

These four sectors, have kept peace in our world for centuries. Anyone who attempts to lead their sector without authorization, will be questioned and most likely punished. Live peacefully and be good.


I gotta dig hick. you that read wrong. that awkward when you read that wrong too. And said "moment" after awkward. This is awkward. Well I gotta dig hick you that read wrong awkward when too And said "moment" after This is nah