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A hand drawn sun in wet beach sand Buns, Veranda Railing, Ocean People, South Coast Nsw, Salty Hair, Daily Rituals, Simple Living, Coming Home, Railing
Sun's out, buns out 🔆
Nothing better than coming home at the end of the weekend with salty hair and sandy feet, hanging your bikini and wetty up over the verandah railing, and cracking a nice cold beverage to ease you into another week!
A man walking barefoot down a sandy, tree-lined track with his surfboard under his arm Cold Beer, Small Towns, Railroad Tracks, Surfboard, This Weekend
Follow me..
What are your plans this weekend? We'll be exploring all of the beautiful tracks and beaches around Bermagui, and enjoying a cold beer in the hot sun!
old car parked in the street in front of a palm tree, with grass and blue skies in the background Surf Culture, Daily Ritual, The Sun
Retro Coast
We love all things retro, and all things coastal
Two beautiful young girls sitting together on a sand dune, barefoot, rolled up jeans,  big smiles New South Wales, A Letter, The Coast, Ethical Fashion, Young People, A Year, Sustainable Fashion, This Summer
A letter to cashed-up yuppies
It's getting really hard for our gorgeous young people to stay on the coast. With a lack of rentals and unreachable property prices, they are all jumping ship to friendlier, more welcoming locations. Bermagui has been destroyed by cashed up yuppies who want to own a piece of paradise and buy up all of the houses, driving property prices up, and then only spending a few weeks a year here. The house is EMPTY for 50weeks of the year.... idiots. Who's going to make your espressos?
an underwater hole in the ocean with rocks and seaweed on the ground below it
"Sea Horse" - Camel Rock, Bermagui, NSW, Australia (by Goff Kitsawad)
an outdoor swimming pool next to the ocean with rocks in the water and blue sky
My favourite pool: Blue Pool, Bermagui
the beach is surrounded by rocks and plants
18 of the best things to do on the Sapphire Coast
The incredible Camel Rock in Bermagui, on the far south coast of New South Wales #sapphirecoast #australiatravel #amazingnature
The entire frame of this photo is full of shells, thousands of them.  All sitting together in the perfect shell collage of crisp white and earthy tones. Coral Pink, My Favourite
The shell collector's dream
My favourite beach (just outside Bermagui) has the most shells I've ever seen in one place! It's truly beautiful 😍 we live in PARADISE
an ocean wave rolls in on the sand at the edge of the beach with white foam
The ocean kisses the shore - Bermagui NSW
A barefoot bloke sits on the railing of a viewing platform, watching the waves roll in to the shore. His balsa wood twin fin leaning up on the railing beside him. Watch It, The Old, Checks, Wax, Old Things
East Coast Surf Checks
How long do you watch the water before heading to your wetty and wax? It seems younger people will watch for 5-10mins, while the old, salty dogs will watch it for up to an hour before they make their choice. More patience? Maybe. Nothing else to do? Perhaps..
A sandy, eroded, winding track, leading through the coastal banksia trees towards a deep blue ocean Hidden Beach, Take Time
Paths that lead to paradise 🌺🙏
The sandy paths that lead to our hidden beaches are often just as beautiful and unique as the beaches themselves! Next time you're coast-bound, take time to appreciate these quirky trails, how different they are, and what makes them special 🤙🌊
A purple, pink and cream scallop shell hidden in the sand of an immaculate beach Nature, Sun
Ocean People
Nature's Treasures
An enormous cream coloured hermit crab shell held up in the warm morning sunshine on a pristine south Coast beach Hermit Crab, Deep Sea, This Morning, Crab
South Coast treasures!
This stunning shell was found on one of Bermagui's pristine beaches this morning. It belongs to a type of deep sea hermit crab. The recent enormous seas have washed up all kinds of treasures. Happy hunting fellow shell collectors!