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A cozy corner of our store, featuring a seagrass two-seater, some scattered cushions, a few good books, and a creeping monstera. South Coast Nsw, Art Cube, Daily Rituals, Cards Art, Lush Greenery, White Horses, Book Nooks, Simple Living, Colour Palette
Cozy book nooks
The secret to our welcoming in-store vibe is the lush greenery scattered across the floor, dripping off shelves, and climbing up the walls. PLANTS! PLANTS! And more PLANTS! ...preferably in matching pots or pots from the same colour palette in a range of different shades
A beautifully designed store wall with neutral ceramics, linens and stylish felt hats Surf Culture, Linen Loungewear, Wardrobe Rack, Cotton Linen, The Sun, Lounge Wear, In Store
Neutral In-Store Vibes
Giving our store a fresh and inviting feel by mixing neutrals, cotton, linen, loungewear, adding plants and homewares, making your shopping experience relaxing and enjoyable.