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Odette Blades

Odette Blades
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Wrap up some ancient Egyptian mummies with this fun activity for kids

Sadly it has been a bad year in ancient Egypt, not only has the great apple Pharaoh died, but now the Vizier and his wife have succumbed to illness too. They have just been mummified and now have to be wrapped before being put into their tomb.

Stick Painting Activity - Art And Craft - Art Project

Have fun with paints creating this Aboriginal painted stick. Just mix the paints to the colours you want, give the kids a stick each and let them paint.

Aboriginal Hand Stencils

This year, we have decided to take a further look into some of the amazing sights we saw on our Lap of Oz. First up, we have decided to take a look at the amazing Aboriginal Rock Art. We saw rock art first at Carnarvon Gorge and then again at the West