The Dingo Fence - longest fence in the world.

The Dingo Fence - Longest fence in the world. NSW, QLD and SA borders

Dingo puppies at the Berlin zoo

We Go Dingo For These Adorable Pups!

Four dingo pups entered the world in January at the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde Zoo in Berlin, and at nearly two months old, they are cute as can be.

Ein Dingo auf der 70-Mile-Beach auf Fraser Island

A Dingo - the Australian native dog - on Fraser Island, Queensland.

funny dog in the toilet

Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door! My boxer (Reesie) is the same way!

I love Dingos and I love the word Dingo.

Dingo Pup -- Perhaps one of the most iconic animals of all, the Australian dingo is now an endangered species due to cross-breeding and overzealous hunters.

Maybe I Ate Your Dingo

Maybe I Ate Your Dingo Bi Cotton Baby Bib

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I do love my dingo

I do love my dingo

Dingo puppy!

Puppy dingo nearly office pup nop

Little dingo

Australia Bush Babies - Baby Dingo Puppy (Native Dog) and Butterfly 50 Cents Pure Silver Half Dollar Proof with Color

What a great picture

Jackal attacking a vulture - Amazing picture of a jackal jumping to attack a flying vulture.