Rustic kitchen bench top.

Rustic kitchen bench top crafted using reclaimed iron from a water tank.

Vintage Iron bath with claw feet

Vintage rustic iron bath, with detailed claw feet. Antique rusted petina with protective coating to prevent further rust deterioration.

Vintage industrial water station

Vintage industrial water station custom made for a cafe. We used a vintage metal bowl to create the basin, together with a vintage tap and signage.

steel mirror

Industrial mirror created using reclaimed roofing iron.

Metal garden art sculpture

Lead and copper garden art sculpture – man on bicycle.

Fly Wire Door

Fly Wire Door

Vintage cot

Vintage cot, puts me in mind of the show "Call the Midwife".

DVD rack and shelf.

Custom made dvd rack and shelf created using galvanised iron and copper.

Custom made bar

Custom made bar