Holly Courtney - Artworks

I don't just play with clay! This board is for images of my artworks, including works in different mediums
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an abstract painting with blue and purple colors
the front and back pages of an architectural magazine, with images of colorful objects on it
an abstract painting with black and white colors
2015 - Been getting back into encaustic art recently, I haven't done any for quite a while but I had an order for a christmas gift
2015 - dabbling with wire and beads Jewellery, Beads, Wire, Crown Jewelry, Jewelry, Bangles
2015 - dabbling with wire and beads
a wire sculpture sitting on top of a sidewalk
2015 - Wire forms
Print, Decor, Animal Print Rug
a group of ceramic vases sitting next to each other
a bottle that is sitting in the dark with light coming from it's top
2014 - Unaltered photograph, light and sculpture experimentation
a black and white photo of a bear's face with clouds in the background
2014 Teddy Bear series
a pastel drawing of a teddy bear
2014 Teddy Bear series
a blackboard with white lines drawn on it
2014 Perspective Experimentation
three white vases sitting next to each other on a black surface with dark background
white lines are drawn on a black background
2014 - Perspective Experimentation
2014 - Redefining nail art Nail, Ice Cream
2014 - Redefining nail art