My Garden and Studio Space

This board is all about the transformation of my garden to a beautiful space filled with edible things beautiful plants and amazing garden sculptures and pots…
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a cat sitting on top of a metal shelf
This is Danny, my studio supervisor
four white ceramic eggs sitting on top of a metal rack next to each other in front of a purple wall
various crafting supplies laid out on a towel
It is nice to have all your tools clean.
a cat sitting on top of a metal shelf
This is Danny. He's my studio supervisor
several vases and plants on the ground in front of a bamboo fence with rocks
some plants are sitting next to each other on the ground near a wall and fence
a large gray vase sitting on top of a stone floor next to a bamboo fence
a metal object with water droplets on it's face and cactus in the background
an outdoor garden area with plants and rocks
Do you remember the earlier pics that I posted of the passionfriut. Well it has gone INSANNNNE.
several pieces of white paper with holes in them
This was surprisingly difficult to smash up!!!
a white vase sitting on top of a table
This one is a goner, got carried away with the turning
some green plants are growing in front of a metal fence with wire wheels on it
three circular wire artwork pieces on a white surface, each with different shapes and sizes
there are many different plants in the garden and one is made out of clay or concrete
there is a sculpture in the middle of some leaves and plants next to a wall