A 'like new' Thermomix - baking powder & vinegar.

A 'like new' Thermomix - baking powder & vinegar clean.

Pão de Milho (Portuguese Corn Bread) - Easy Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Corn Bread Pao de milho began as a staple cornbread in the poorer regions of Portugal.

How to bake like a pro -- make your own bagels! » Super Kitchen Machine (Thermomix)

Bagels Thermomix

Authentic artisanal bagels are extremely rewarding and easy to make. Even beginner cooks can feel like a pro with Thermomix. (The hardest thing is deciding what to put on top.

Forum Thermomix - The best Thermomix recipes and community - Cinnamon Scrolls - Adapted from a Cindy O'Meara recipe

Thermomix scrolls, freeze in batches

Thermomix: Chicken, Pumpkin & Chorizo Risotto

Thermomix: Chicken, Pumpkin & Chorizo Risotto I am going to try this tonight.

Banana, Walnut & Date Loaf - delicious, grain free, dairy free and very low in unrefined sugar (replace honey with maple or rice malt syrup)

Skinnymixer’s Banana, Walnut & Date Loaf Healthy Thermomix Recipes Leave out nuts and sub plain flour

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I particularly like to use pumpkin puree as it gives the mantou a bright yellow look and extra nutritional value. Besides that, pumpkin puree can also make the