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Collect or drain? Ways to handle water on your property - The Orange County…

In California, when the rain comes, it has a habit of coming in torrents. And for yards with drainage problems that can be a soggy mess. Here& how to get your yard ready for the next deluge.

The solution for poorly drained soil is an easy fix with these plant and design…

Fire season is always a frightening time for our forests and managed lands. But homes within urbanized area are also at risk. Keep your family safe and reduce the risk of a wildfire from destroying your home or property by creating a firewise landscape.

Stop Runoff and keep all that precious rainwater in your garden! Build a dry…

Build an arroyo to capture runoff and force it to percolate into the soil. BH&G show, an arroyo or narrow streambed built at the base of a sloping front yard catches rainwater, preventing it from flooding into the street.