Home and Away- Summerbay Beach. ( Palm Beach) was beautiful here

Palm Beach, Sydneys Northern beaches (Summer Bay in Home and Away) I saw them filming!

Home and Away - It's one of those childhood dramas that everyone watches but I still can't get enough! And there is some right eye candy too ;)

This Woman Looks Younger In a Month Just by Drinking 3 Liters of Water Every Day

Brax (home and away Australia)

Home and away Australian actor Steve Peacocke, aka Daryl Braxton

Phoebe, Maddy, Ricky and Hannah

Phoebe, Maddy, Ricky and Hannah aka Isabella Giovinazzo, Kassandra Clementi, Bonnie Sveen and Cassie Howarth!

Brax And Charlie -Home And Away.

Brax And Charlie -Home And Away. Still miss Charlie

Home and Away

Chris Hemsworth ditches his wavy blonde locks for a cropped look

Charlie and Brax home and away They were Meant to Be together......I wish there were........ :(

One of the first scenes between Steve & Esther (Brax and Charlie)