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there are two little dolls that are on the table
Mommy Loves Tattoos
I remember when I was a kid we have this big doll that look the same only it's a she..
a small plastic baby doll sitting on top of a pink table
Vintage Kewpie Doll with Flowers
Vintage Kewpie Doll with Flowers.
a baby doll is standing on a blue surface with a tag in it's hand
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Vintage Kewpie Doll
a drawing of a woman in a dress with lots of clothes on the bottom and sides
I love this man's Barbie illustrations! They're in a classic fashion illustration style. I've seen them framed and in a calendar as well.
five little wizard dolls are lined up on a pink and black leopard - print background
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Wizard of Oz Characters Kewpie Doll Art FREE by neeneegurl, $110.00
an elephant figurine holding an umbrella on top of the ground next to another toy
the more we share
Kewpie love!
an old book with a baby doll in it's yellow dress on the cover
Kuddly Kewpie Doll 1970's by Cameo Dolls Division of Strombecker Toys
Girls-Toys-Dolls: Kuddly Kewpie Doll 1970's by Cameo Dolls Division of Strombecker Toys
there are many different colored dolls on sticks
kewpi dolls
Kewpi doll on a cane. I got one every year at the Ekka. Wish I'd kept just one...
an antique kewpie doll in its original box
Auctiva Image Hosting
1930 kewpie ~ my mother had one of these, which she gave to my sister. Where the little Kewpie is now, I cannot say. Hopefully, in someone's loving care.
four little dolls are in a box on the table
4 Antique Kewpie Dolls Bisque, Flappers Moveable Arms Marked MADE in JAPAN - Etsy
Good grief these are darling! 4 antique KEWPIE dolls bisque flappers moveable by theartfloozy, $119.95