Cassia bark

Pieces of cassia bark flavour fruit desserts, Asian dishes and biryani.


Pieces of unground mace are referred to in recipes as 'blade mace'.

Juniper berries

A savoury berry that is used in European game dishes.

Cinnamon quills

Cinnamon bark ground is a coarse, dark-brown powder with a distinct cinnamon aroma (LGE PKT)

Whole cloves

Whole cloves are the dried, unopened flower buds of a tropical, evergreen tree.

Star anise

Use in Asian marinades and to flavour stewed fruit.


A good quality grade of saffron that infuses to yield a classic golden colour.

Premium grade thyme grown in Australia. (SML PKT)

Premium grade thyme grown in Australia.


A mild flavoured turmeric for colouring pickles and sauces.

Vanilla pods

These black, fragrant, pliable cured pods from Mexico flavour ice creams and desserts.

whole nutmegs

Whole nutmegs may be shaved or grated freshly over many dishes.

Caraway seeds

Whole seeds traditionally flavour breads and vegetable dishes.


A traditional blend of 4 spices used to flavour meats in charcuterie.

Bay leaves

A hand-selected grade of bay leaf that is economical when large quantities are needed.