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black and white photograph of construction cranes in the middle of an industrial area with workers working on them
archives & mythologie des lucioles
E.O. Hoppé
some cranes are in the middle of a body of water and buildings on either side
410 Gone
Greenock, Clyde
a building under construction in the middle of a dirt road with cranes and other equipment around it
Gallery of Ricola Kräuterzentrum / Herzog & de Meuron - 11
two men are working on the side of a building with concrete being poured in front of them
Gallery of Ricola Kräuterzentrum / Herzog & de Meuron - 9
an aerial view of construction in the middle of a large industrial area with lots of cranes
Construction of the Tucurui Dam, 1980
Construction of the Tucurui Dam, 1980 — Shark Loves the Amazon
construction cranes are lit up at night in front of a building under construction with lights on
National Musuem of Qatar
a crane is lifting up the roof of a building in an urban area with houses and trees
Gallery of House B10 / Werner Sobek Group - 12
House B10 / Werner Sobek Group
men working on the roof of a building with umbrellas over their heads and below them
11 Great Buildings Under Construction
Virginia Duran Blog- Photography 10 Great Buildings Under Construction- Hong Kong Airport by Norman Foster
three cranes are standing in the middle of a construction site
PARIS | Tribunal de Paris | 160m | 524ft | 38 fl | Com
an aerial view of a large building under construction
Updates - Populous
Taipei Dome Lifting
two cranes standing next to each other on top of a building under a blue sky
Neubau Block 9, Kohlekraftwerk Mannheim
New building block 9, coal-fired power plant in Mannheim, Germany
a large roller coaster being built in the middle of a body of water with cranes around it
Ring of Harmony, Shenfu, China
cars are driving down the road in front of tall buildings and power lines on an overcast day
RIYADH | Tadawul Tower | 200m | 43 fl | Com
Riyadh 2014
an upward view of the top of a tall building
SHENZHEN | Ping An Finance Center | 599m | 1965ft | 115...
Shenzen Ping An Finance Center, 660m / 2165ft / 115 fl
a crane is standing next to a large tower
No delays: New Manchester airport tower to beat building firm ‘crisis’
Manchester Airport's new £16m air traffic control tower
the construction site is full of cranes and building materials, including concrete pillars that are being constructed
Over 6,000 slab tables in continuous use at the Midfield Terminal project
Midfield Terminal, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
two men working on scaffolding in the middle of a construction area with wooden beams
Great wall builders
The world’s biggest construction companies: Great wall builders | The Economist
an old black and white photo of people working on a construction site with scaffolding
an artistic black and white photo of some kind of structure that looks like a spiral staircase
Washington Dulles International Airport, Eero Saarinen (1962)
Dulles International Airport under construction
a large metal structure sitting on top of a parking lot next to a yellow truck
TIANJIN | Yujiapu Business District | U/C
Yujiapu Business District, Tianjin
an aerial view of a construction site
Swedish Turning Torso, Malmo
the large building is under construction on the side of the road
PANAMA | Panama Canal Expansion
Panama Canal Expansion - Gate lock
there is a crane that is on top of the hill next to the road in the evening
Worldwide repair of mobile cranes. Demag, Liebherr, Faun +++
the sun is setting over some buildings and cranes
BERLIN | City Palace Reconstruction (Stadtschloss) -...
Berlin - City Palace Reconstruction
two tall buildings under construction with cranes in the background
MOSCOW | IQ-Quarter | 178m | 582ft | 42 fl | 141m |...
MOSCOW | IQ Quarter
a very tall building that is next to other buildings
MOSCOW | Evolution Tower | 246m | 807ft | 55 fl | Com
MOSCOW | Evolution | 273m l 2014
some construction cranes and buildings in the background
BEIJING | CITIC Tower (China Zun) | 528m | 1731ft | 109...
Beijing cranes
a blue train traveling down tracks next to a lush green forest covered mountain side under a sky filled with clouds
Moosmair GmbH
Moosmair GmbH
a large truck is stuck on the side of a hill
Moosmair GmbH
Moosmair GmbH