The Ideal Budget Itinerary for Driving Australia’s South West Corner {Big World Small Pockets}

The Ideal Budget Itinerary for Driving Australia’s South West

From the towering Karri forests to the raging Southern Ocean, here is the ideal budget itinerary for driving Australia’s South West in a joyful 7 days!

Old Mandurah Bridge, Mandurah . WA

Old Mandurah Bridge, Mandurah Mandurah is a city in Western Australia located approximately 72 kilometres south of the state capital, Perth, Western Australia.

When the sun is shining the local #dolphins in @australiassw love to get together and surf waves. This region in @westernaustralia is known for being a marine life hotspot and is fringed by some of the cleanest water found anywhere. Some of the best places to spot dolphins in the wild here include Koombana Bay in Bunbury, King George Sound in Albany and Blackwood River and Flinders Bay

“When the sun is shining the dolphins in love to get together & surf waves (via IG/southwestsaltwater)”

Wild dolphins, wine tasting, cafes, breweries, gnomes, friendly people - Bunbury makes for a nice getaway from Perth.

Things to do in Bunbury: Your next getaway from Perth

"Gnomesville" in the Ferguson Valley, South West WA.

"Gnomesville" in the Ferguson Valley, South West WA.

What a fantastic setting for fish & chips. Sharky's @ Dolphin Quays, Mandurah Western Australia

Fish & chips at Shark's, Dolphin Quay in Mandurah, WA

Stroll along the Mandurah foreshore

House/Pet Sit For 3 Weeks In June 2013 House Sitter Needed for SharRoberts Location Meadow Springs, North of Mandurah, Mandurah WA Australia Availability May For 3 Weeks

Sunset at Lake Clifton south of Mandurah WA - THROMBOLITES are types of rare and extremely primitive life forms. They consist of single-celled bacteria which deposit layers of silt and calcium that slowly grow into rounded rocks. Scientists believe they are the earliest form of life on earth, dating back 3500 million years and the origins of oxygen in the atmosphere. Mostly extinct, living examples can still be found growing in just a handful of places in the world. Shark Bay and Lake…

Rare and primitive life forms dating back 3500 million years

Myalup Beach, WA

Myalup Beach, WA

Geographe Bay vineyards, SWA, by Jo Castro

Australian Holidays. What you ought to know about The Ferguson Valley in WA

Looking for interesting Australian Holidays? The Ferguson Valley in South West Australia - off the beaten track - things to do - wineries - galleries and pla

Mangrove boardwalk, Bunbury

Mangrove boardwalk, Bunbury