Surfing in the South Pacific

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the mountains are covered in green vegetation and clouds above them, as well as trees on both sides
Koroyanitu National Heritage Park - All You MUST Know Before You Go (2024)
Hiking, volcanic cliffs and waterfall.
a man with a surfboard is walking on a tree branch over the ocean and palm trees
Outer islands of Fiji
a group of people standing next to each other on a beach with surfboards in front of them
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Fiji Surfing Holiday
a man holding a surfboard standing next to a palm tree on the beach at sunset
Fiji Smack dab on the 180-degree longitude line, Fiji is one of the first spots in the world to see the sun rise every day. The South Pacific destination, a favourite among lovers of turquoise seas and white-sand beaches (and who isn’t), offers unrivalled scenery and inspirational landscapes. Itinerary tip: Follow an intoxicating sunrise up with a morning exploration; the “soft coral capital of the world” offers some of the best scuba diving in the world.