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Win 5-star Reviews with Better Post-Trip Guest Communications

There is no requirement to follow-up with your #Airbnb guests after their stay is complete. Nonetheless, it is exactly for this reason that sending a brief thank you message will stand out and be appreciated. In this article we cover... • The importance of saying "thank you" • Requesting post-trip reviews • Providing future discounts • Real life examples of post-trip communications

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Need to Alter an Existing Airbnb Reservation? Here's how...

There may be occasions where you wish to make alterations to a future or current confirmed reservation. Airbnb provide the ability to make changes to a confirmed reservation by submitting a reservation alteration request to your guest. In this article we cover the options available for altering an existing reservation as well as the exact steps required for doing so.

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Communicating with your Guests Throughout their Airbnb Stays

Throughout your guest’s stay, ensure that you remain both proactively and reactively communicative. In this article we cover strategies for remaining communicative throughout the duration of your guest's stay to keep your guests happy and win you 5-star reviews.

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Learn how to Communicate with Guests After Confirming their Bookings

After a reservation is confirmed, both parties are given each other’s full name and phone number. You will also receive a reservation confirmation email to let you know about the upcoming reservation, which will include a link to view the full itinerary on Airbnb. In this article we cover information on how to communicate with your guest after their booking but prior to their arrival, as well as smart communication tactics that win you 5-star reviews and simplify your life.

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Learn how to Strategically Handle Requests for Discounts on Airbnb

Some guests will message you prior to booking and ask for a discount. From their perspective, they have little to lose. These requests can be frustrating to you as a host however. They inevitably require a lot of back-and-forwards communications which take up your time and inevitably raise the overheads in managing your listing. In this article we'll cover key questions to reflect upon before agreeing to a discount and smart negotiation tactics for getting back to requests for discounts.

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Remain Responsive on Airbnb to Maximize your Booking Rate

Airbnb encourage guests to contact multiple hosts. You are likely not the only host being contacted about a potential guest’s booking. Being the first to respond will give you a definitive head-start on winning the booking with all other things being equal. In this article, we teach you how to boost your Airbnb listing ranking as well as little tricks for maximizing your response rate.

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Need to Send an Airbnb Guest a Special Offer? We'll Tell you How...

A Special Offer allows you to set a custom price for a guest who sends you a booking inquiry or reservation request. In this article we run through everything you need to know about sending a guest a special offer on Airbnb.

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Responding to Airbnb Booking Inquiries and Reservation Requests

In this article we'll run through the critical differences between Airbnb booking inquiries and reservation requests. You'll learn about their respective impacts on your calendar, your obligations to respond, as well as the options available for responding to each.

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Learn how to Effectively Utilize the Airbnb Private Messaging Platform

Airbnb have created a dedicated private messaging platform on their site for hosts and guests. All communications prior to bookings need to take place via the platform. In this article we run through everything you need to know about using the private messaging platform. We'll cover... • Limitations on the information you’re able to share • Communication tactics for ‘filling in the blanks’ • Providing information before and after a confirmed booking