July Squat Challenge - who's with us?! xx http://www.movenourishbelieve.com/move/the-lorna-jane-squat-challenge-be-motivated-to-move-this-july/

The Lorna Jane Squat Challenge: Be Motivated To Move This July

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LA Marathon: 26.2 Reasons to Believe you can do it!

Inspirational quotes and power songs for every mile of the LA Marathon! Think of it as your little mental water breaks along the way.

Controlling cravings, from Lorna Jane

What Do Your Cravings Mean & How To Keep Them Under Control

eat-rice-first: “tahitea: “ i love the idea of replacing foods rather than not eating them. when you’re crazing something unhealthy think about what you need and substitute something healthy yay ” but.

Nothing taste as good as being fit feels .. motivate mums

I love this way more than the "skinny" one. There are plenty of things that taste better than skinny feels because to me skinny is weak and skinny is tired. Being fit means feeling healthy, strong, capable, and full of energy.