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I Love YOU!!! Just got off the phone with U & can feel your heart even when U don't tell me things. I Love YOU Baby..I Do & always will!! I'm here for you forever!! YOU are so special to me!! I wish at times when I hear your sigh..your stress..that I could take YOU in my arms & just hold words..just hold you tight & let your stress melt away! :-* I Love YOU with ALL my heart!!!!!***

I know that our connect is rare!I've never loved and connected with anyone like I have with you. You are not some infatuation to me. you are the person I want to share my life with. I love you more than I ever thought possible.

How to Become a Young CEO

Nahema Mehta was running a start-up when an opportunity she least expected presented itself. Her mission to make original works of art accessible to the masses

Soul mate ...

When you meet the other half of your soul, you will understand why all the other lovers let you go. When you meet the one who deserves your heart, you’ll understand why things didn’t work out with everyone else. So True!