Landscape Photography, South Australia

Landscape Photography - South Australia
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an empty road surrounded by trees on a foggy day
the sun shines on trees and water in front of a rocky mountain range at sunset
Pamela Inverarity on Instagram: “Mt Chambers in the Northern Flinders Ranges, 2013. . #mountchambers #chambersgorge #flindersranges #flindersrangesandoutback #aussie_images…”
the sun is setting over a vineyard with trees
two trees in the middle of a field at sunset
an empty road in the middle of a mountain range with trees on both sides and mountains in the distance
a dirt road surrounded by trees and bushes
an aerial view of a dirt road in the middle of some green hills and fields
Pamela Inverarity on Instagram: “Myponga Beach Road. . #mypongabeach #myponga #fleurieupeninsula #wowaustralia #seeaustralia #southaustraliapictures…”
the sun is setting behind two trees in an open field
a large field with many trees and bushes in the foreground, under a cloudy sky
the mountains are covered with trees and rocks
a dirt road in the middle of a green field under a cloudy sky with trees on either side
the sun shines through the trees and grass in this forest filled with tall, thin trees
It was a clear, frosty morning so I headed down to the Gleeson Wetlands to get some shots. Glad I did, I spent a couple of happy hours there with my camera and then saw this scene on the way back to the car.