WIP The Skin Library

ya epic fantasy ///// In the city in the sky called Aerie, where birds walk as humans, the Great Library of Magicians is destroyed and every book is hidden in the skull of a boy. The library is now alive. But when a thief girl captures and tries to sell him, it's discovered that the skin he's inhabiting is the Prince of the Aerie's. Unhinged in this human skin and now with power of royalty, he plans revenge on the library burners. But why stop with them? Keep the library safe. Kill the humans.
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Iruvian daggers -"Jira blades" ceremonial style - Blades in the Dark - a knife in the dark, the shadow you'll never see


Today's SpitfireMom is celebrity wedding and fine art photographer, Elizabeth Messina.


Hand-cuts Intricate Paper Patterns by Emma Van Leest. Australian artist Emma Van Leest turns a simple sheet of paper into a magical visual story. She hand-