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an old fashioned red telephone on a white background
an old fashioned yellow rotary telephone on a white background
an old pink phone sitting on top of a wooden table next to two princess phones
Classic princess phones available in pink or cream. Perfect as a bedroom phone and makes you sit down and have a proper conversation!
an old poster with two women talking on telephones and the caption says, oh my that's terrible news
Retro phone conversation vector image on VectorStock
We love retro phone conversations! Give yourself time to have a good old natter on a groovy telephone :)
a white desk and chair in a room with some lights on the wall behind it
The Sabine Carved Table - Traditional - Desks And Hutches - by Graham and Green | Houzz
Gorgeous retro telephones by #wildandwolf available at Paprika
an old pink telephone on a white background
1950's Pink Princess Retro Desk Telephone - fancy yourself as a Pink Lady or know someone that does? This is the phone for you! Plugs into standard telephone socket and has the classic mechanical ringer!
an old fashioned yellow rotary telephone on a white background
746 Retro Phone English Mustard - brighten up the home and take some time to enjoy a phone call! Plugs into a standard telephone socket, easy peasy!
an old fashioned red phone with four dials
Fab Retro Trimphone!
an old - fashioned phone is shown with a tag
The nostalgic GPO Duke Retro Phone is a very substantial high quality reproduction phone
the g p o logo is shown in black and white, with a crown on top
Retro Phones : GPO Duchess Retro Phone | Paprika Shop -
a man talking on a green phone while wearing a vest
Perrin here, on green!
an old fashioned black telephone is on display
GPO 746 Wallphone - classic 1970s retro style wall mounted telephone.