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Our stylish musical play equipment is the perfect addition outdoors for schools, public spaces, sensory gardens and parks. Suitable for all ages.
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Discovery play is major part of a child's life. This is one of our most popular areas when schools and nurseries look to develop their outdoor play space.

Hello and welcome to Percussion Play. Here are some of our wonderful instruments being used across the world in play parks, school playgrounds, community are.

See The Brands of Outdoor Musical Instruments We Stock. Contact Market Leaders, Percussion Play, Today For More Information Or To Request A Brochure.

Emperor Chimes (set of Musical Instruments - Playground Equipment for Schools Playground Equipment

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New for 2016 our colourful and vibrant rainbow xylophone will encourage any children or adult to play there favourite tune. Perfect for two people playing are once.

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The Outdoor Akadinda Xylophone Is Fun To Play And Makes A Lovely, Lovely Tone. Listen To Our Outdoor Musical Instruments Here.

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Akadinda xylophone is perfect for outdoor musical play. Akadinda can accommodate up to four players ideal for impromptu performances.