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a small mouse sitting on top of a couch
two small mice are sitting in the palm of someone's hands, one is on top of another rat
My little ladies Ham Hock and Lamb Shank! #aww #cute #rat #cuterats #ratsofpinterest #cuddle #fluffy #animals #pets #bestfriend #ittssofluffy #boopthesnoot
two gray and white mice laying on top of each other with their tails curled up
Baby rat pile...cute cute feetsies
a woman holding a rat in her arms
Curious rat
three white and brown ratgies in a cage with their backs turned to the camera
Squad : RATS
a rat sitting on top of a rubik puzzle cube in front of it's face
My pet rat Remy :)
All sizes | My pet rat Remy :) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a drawing of a rat looking up at the sky
Drawing, black hooded rat, love
a small mouse sitting on top of someone's hand
Hold on tight, and pretend it's a plan!
Sweet pet rat♥
two black and white mice in a cage
two gray and white mice sitting next to each other on top of a red blanket
a black and white rat curled up in a blanket on top of a yellow pillow
a watercolor painting of a mouse with the words carol on it's face
Rat Fan Club
a drawing of a green rat with flowers on it's back
rat<3 like the layout
a woman's thigh with an image of a rat and mouse in a frame
Awesome rat tat