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At Party Hire Group we stock a range of audio equipment for any party or event in Sydney and Melbourne. Browse our range of speaker hire, microphone hire, PA…
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Sing your heart out and create unforgettable memories with our Karaoke Machine Hire 🎶 🎤✨ Get in touch with us now and let the good times roll! 🎉 #karaoke #singer #sing #party #event #hire #karaokemachine
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✨ Experience cinematic visuals with our 75inch HD TV Hire 📺 Perfect for presentations, seminars, and corporate functions, our high-quality screens ensure your message shines bright. 💼💫 #tv #hire #event #party #syd #corporate #presentations #business #seminar
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Turn the volume up with our quality sound Speakers 🔊 We've got different types of speakers in stock, including powered speakers, bluetooth speakers, battery-powered speakers and more! 🤩 #speakers #speaker #audio #sound #equipment #syd #events #party #hire
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Steal the spotlight and elevate the sound of your event with our Microphone range 🔉🎤 Whether it's a speech, performance or a karaoke night, our high-quality microphone products got you covered ✨🔊 #audio #microphone #hire #syd #events #syd #sound #parties #karaoke
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Speaker Hire Tips | Speaker Hire | Audio Hire
When planning an event, one of the critical elements you much consider is the audio setup. The choice of speakers and their placements plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional audio experience. At Party Hire Group, we are here to guide and provide you the essential speaker hire tips for both indoor and outdoor event settings.
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A Guide to Wireless Microphone Hire | Wireless Microphone Hire | Microphone Hire Sydney
If you're planning a wedding, milestone party, presentation or seminar, it is highly likely you would need a microphone to make those speeches you have prepared. A Wireless microphone is one of the easiest and convenient solution you need. Our wireless microphone hire are lightweight and portable and we also offer packages that comes with speakers to create that ultimate speech you prepared for your next event.
Speaker hire with a small stage and microphones behind it for a racing event Audio, Play Music, Music For You, For Your Party, Corporate Events
Short Cut Guide to Audio Hire | Audio Visual Equipment Hire | Audio Visual Hire
Whether you're planning a corporate event, wedding, presentation, seminar or party, audio hire is definitely key to creating a successful event. When we think about audio hire, generally refers to speaker hire and PA system hire that is used for playing music for your parties or making speeches at your presentation or wedding day.
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Complete Guide to audio hire | Event Hire Sydney | Party Hire Group
Whether you’re planning a special event or big birthday party bash, the audio set-up you at your event is an important consideration. From setting an atmosphere and vibe to ensuring your key messages are communicated, or perhaps entertainment is the main focus or highlight, i.e. a live band, dance floor or DJ – the audio hire that you choose will influence all of this.