Old paper money in #Australia -- we love the colors! || #LittlePassports #Australia and #NZ for #kids

The Colour of Money . Australian money, that is. These are paper notes which have since been replaced by more durable plastic notes.

I wish the U.S. Postal Service would pay homage to really good design more often. Look at these great UK stamps.

vintage postage stamps, Uruguay postage: stamp exhibition c. British postage stamp Andrew Foster textile print on a stamp

Vintage British Birds Postage Stamps1966 and by 3rdshelffromthetop, $10.00

Vintage British Birds Postage Stamps1966 and 1980 United Kingdom

Vintage British Birds Postage and 1980 United Kingdom

receipts as tapestry

Gabriel Kuri(ガブリエル・クリ)i - "Trinity”. Kuri explores the design cast-offs of consumer society with a detailed examination of receipts, parking stubs, hotel-size shampoo etc.

British Postage Stamps

Big increases in Royal Mail charges - will this make them more profitable or smaller? Increase profit or reduce sales? Push customers to competitors or to more e-communication? you decide!

Set of (8) Airmail Postcard Style Note Cards

WANT: Set of 8 Airmail Postcard Style Note Cards by ohmyinspired on Etsy

Fine & Dandy Comb

The Fine & Dandy Comb - no doubt even better if used with a dab of Dapper Dan pomade.