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Small home. Rustic kitchen with island of salvaged wood and wood stove in kitchen of Tamsin Carvin's Farmhouse in Victoria, Australia, Design Files, Eve Wilson Photography

dont mind the older / unfinished style timber look here (from a collection of half a dozen nice pics

driftwood interiors: Hamptons Style Mark III I love this verandah!

Off the door step garden with a rain catch

An old cottage in Australia with vertical board walls and tin roof with a kitchen garden

One day I'll have a veranda with an incredible outlook

By my retirement I will live in a gorgeous federation style home in the country, alternatively this could be my holiday home!

The beach is just outside the border of Gemma and Tony Allen's property. When the couple purchased the property...

West Australian beach house

my dream beach house terrace. Méchant Design: welcome summer


Australian Country Style, the Farmhouse Garden, oh my


Silver Highlander by NSW photographer Tony Sheffield hangs above a bench made from old shearing shed floorboards by Zanna’s mother. Remote Australian station family home

Stylish homestead 270km north of Broken Hill

Remote Australian station family home image 17

love windmills, on my list to get a picture of

The Outback Windmill and water trough (troff), a life saver to both animal stock and .v humans.

Sam McAdam photo

The calm within the storm is where peace lives and breathes. It is not within perfect circumstances or a charmed life. it is not conditional. Peace is a sacred space within it is the temple of our internal landscape.

Tuckahoe Plantation I love the entrance way with the large mature trees along the driveway into the plantation.

Southern homestead in VA.

The Gippsland Farmhouse: Beautiful Decor in the Countryside 2

The Gippsland Farmhouse: Beautiful Decor in the Countryside

White oven, kitchen, home, interior - rustic shelves at same height as stove