Bronwyn Martin

a drawing of a man holding a red rope in front of a maze
Jonah Lehrer on the Importance of Obstacles | Head Case
Jonah Lehrer | Chains That Set Us Free From haikus to videogames, obstacles boost performance: Pop songs have choruses and refrains. Symphonies have four movements. Painters obey the traditions of portraiture.
a poster with a key in the middle of it and an image of a man's head
Mieczysław Wasilewski
Mieczysław Wasilewski, Problems magazine cover, 1975
a cartoon brain has an idea lightbulb above its head and is happy about it
Brain cartoon : 135 082 images, photos et images vectorielles de stock | Shutterstock
Cartoon brain with happy face and lightbulb, creative idea drawing. Cute brain character vector illustration.
an orange and blue poster with the image of a person's head surrounded by wires
Brain Game Print
Illustration by Nick Lu, you can buy it as a framed print here.
a pink heart with eyes closed and arms up in the air, holding onto a tree
My heart: “Ok brain, you got my back, right?” My brain: “huh? Were you talking to me?”
the silhouette of a human head with a red heart in its brain, on a pink background
Head and brain outline with heart concept. Vector illustration in...
Head and brain outline with heart concept. Vector illustration in flat design with shadow on light pink background.
the little buddha is sitting in lotus position, with his eyes closed and hands clasped
Buddhist Monk Cartoon PNG Image, Buddhist Monk Cartoon, Monk, Buddha PNG Image For Free Download
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a monk sitting on the ground with his eyes closed and hands folded in front of him
Buddhist Monk
Buddhist Monk by Vector Kitchen by Zoljo on @creativemarket
an illustration of a woman sitting on the ground
Whimsical Illustrations by Tara O Brien
Illustration by Tara O Brien