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I've put together some of my favourite dressing and viniagrette mixes, enjoy!

Anzac Rice Pudding

Anzac biscuit rice pudding - Fast Ed

All too soon it'll be Anzac Day. I've been working on a way to transform this iconic Aussie biscuit into a glam dessert. Reckon I've got it nailed.

Honey Jumbles

Honey jumbles - Fast Ed

These lovely little honey jumbles are a favourite for kids and adults.


Apple & ricotta upside-down cake - Fast Ed

Ricotta is the secret to this beautifully light, moist cake. Orange blossom water adds subtle fragrance but it's the honey and apple syrup that will have you spooning another piece onto your plate.

Passionfruit Puff Biscuits

Passionfruit puff biscuits - Fast Ed

My passionfruit puff biscuits are spiced up with nutmeg and ginger, delicious!

Baked Lemon Tart

Baked lemon tart - Fast Ed

Lemons are everywhere, with their perfect fragrance and deliciously tart tang. There's no end of great lemon recipes, but if you ask me there's nothing more delicious, seductive and remarkable than a prefect lemon tart. This is one of the recipes from my new book that will be out in July.

Arancini - Risotto Balls

Arancini (risotto balls) - Fast Ed

Struggling to find something to serve guests when they arrive for dinner? Well by re-imagining one of Italy's most popular street foods as a canapé you've got the answer at your fingertips.

Chocolate Brownie

Dark chocolate brownies - Fast Ed

This is a staple sweet treat at our house, kids can help put this together too.

Pea and Ham soup

Pea and ham soup - Fast Ed

This is one of those recipes you come back to time and time again. I like mine unblended and chunky.

Broccoli Bread

Broccoli bread - Fast Ed

Broccoli is available all year round, but autumn is its best season. You want to look for heads that are dark green with firm, crisp florets.