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Only in Japan: Giant Japanese Ghost in Harajuku by tokyofashion, via Flickr

Giant Japanese Ghost in Harajuku! A giant ghost of Sadako (from the Japanese horror movie "Ring") on the back of a truck in Harajuku. The truck was promoting the new movie Sadako Scary!

“Free Hugs” on the Harajuku Bridge. Photographed in

via FB

Take a little cap nap with this Totoro cat bed that also functions as a sleeping bag. Inspired by the My Neighbor Totoro Japanese anime film, this over-sized cat bed/sleeping bag is available in two sizes, and is a perfect gift idea for anime geeks.

Harajuku Fashion Walk organizer Junnyan and Harajuku fashion designer Moco will be at the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris event in France from September

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