French doors into an office..I want this!

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Must have French doors on the office/playroom. Shut them up and not hear them and still check to see if they r killing each other. Maybe for the office/dining room

French doors opening onto a courtyard

Perfect idea for my studio! Ref: In the Studio: In the Garden-heat ma'am!

Farrow and Ball Clunch & Pointing with Traditional Patio Doors - Style of Doors could suit our property with addition of 3/4 Height Side Lights

White French doors Farrow and Ball. Walls in Clunch. Trim in Pointing. has some information on the types of patio doors that can be installed in the home.

replace outside-living room door and take window out but these doors in put fun long window in old door way

Make a pocket door like this and put photographs over glass panes for now when it's a bedroom then remove later.

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7 Teatree Close, Samford Valley, Qld 4520 - Property Details

Beautiful classic looking home 7 Teatree Close, Samford Valley, Qld 4520 - Property Details

Want to create a bit of a separation between the rooms in your house, but still let light flow through? Want to add architectural interest to a boring or unremarkable space? French doors are good for that. Of course, you can use them at the boundary between your house and the outdoors, too, but french doors are especially nice when used as a interior transition between rooms. Here are a few examples to get you dreaming of adding some to your own space...

Adding Architectural Interest: Interior French Door Styles & Ideas

Looking for new trending french door ideas? Find 35 pictures of the very best french door ideas from top designers.

Top marks for the bold colour choice on this lovely Hamptons style weatherboard…

The Perfect Paint Schemes for House Exterior

Pefect colour scheme for this property. Oh hello cute little house with the white picket fence.

Detox Your home - Part 3 (bedroom + lounge) | Nourished Life

Detox Your home - Part 3 (bedroom + lounge

I would love a bedroom with French doors that open to a little private garden space. Once our lives regulate a little, we have plans to turn our master bedroom's double windows into French doors that lead into the back yard.