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an office with chairs and tables in it
Beauty salon
Beauty salon on Behance
a living room filled with brown furniture next to a white wall
Luxe Hair Salon Design
a soap dispenser sitting on the side of a wall with vertical blinds
Aēsop’s new store at 1Utama, Malaysia | IndesignLive
Aēsop’s new store at 1Utama, Malaysia | Indesignlive
the wall is made up of wood and has four different pieces of metal on it
an empty room with blue and white tiles on the walls, and a wooden door in the center
say architects clads angelot patisserie in hangzhou in a curved tile façade
the entrance to an office building with gray walls
Aesop Corte Madera | Aesop AU
the interior of a restaurant with tables and benches lined up against the wall, along with an arched doorway leading to another room
Oggi, Oggi, Oggi: acclaimed Adelaide eatery inspired by Italian tradition has plenty to shout about...
a man sitting at the front desk of a building with white flowers in vases
Crown Metropol
the interior of a modern store with black and yellow accents, white walls and flooring
Les Bébés Cupcakery by J.C. Architecture