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a coloring book with the words he has risen on it
Resurrection Coloring Wheels Craft Kit
Teach young minds the miracle of Jesus Christ with a simple craft and coloring project! Resurrection Coloring Wheels Craft Kit contains everything you need to create a layered paper wheel that tells the Easter story. Both wheels can be colored in before you attach them with the included metal brads. This will be a fun craft at home or in Sunday school! Assembled Dimensions: Diameter: 7" Kit Contains: 24 - Paper Wheels 12 - Metal Brads Kit makes 12 wheels.
a man, woman and child sitting on the floor with a speech bubble saying hey is that how god made families?
Login - Christian Education Publications
Hey! Is that how God made families?
the book cover for dynamitetes music, with an image of children surrounded by musical instruments
Term 3 of DynaMites Music has a section focused on 'Hey! Is that how God made families?'
an egg shaped like a doll sitting on top of a table
Printable Russian Dolls
Printable nesting dolls
a bowl filled with rocks sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says, my dad rocks
Kids choose a rock for each member of the family. Spray rocks with clear glossy spray paint.
four rocks with eyes on them sitting on a black plaque that says formmaro family
404 - Disney Partners
Rock family.
a person is writing on a piece of paper with the words dad rocks paper weight
Fabric Decor And Drapery Promo | Fabric Decor And Drapery Promo | Pipe Cleaners Discount
Dad Rocks Paper Weight. Or make it for any family member.
a drawing of a boy holding a baby in his arms with the words how to create personalized coloring sheets
Free Personalized Coloring Sheets DIY - Beauty Through Imperfection
How to make personalized coloring sheets.
how to draw lego minifigurs step by step instructions for children and adults
Lego Family Labeling
Fun way for kids to make a picture of their family and label it using a Lego printable.
an image of painted eggs with markers and crayons around them on white background
Chalkboard Matryoshka Dolls
three children's hands holding an art project made out of paper dolls, with the words multi - cultural paper dolls written on it
Cut the dolls and glue them to paper for children who aren't up to scissors.
three paper dolls holding hands on a pink background
Making paper doll chains | | Kiddley
Making paper doll chains. This one is an old favorite but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the obvious.
a woman sitting at a table holding up blue paper cutouts with chinese characters on them
Paper Folding Crafts for Kids : Paper Folding Projects
Paper Folding Crafts for Kids. Here’s a fun project for parents and kids. Make a chain of paper dolls – watch this video to find out how.
a green tray topped with lots of white snowmen
Around the World in 12 Dishes: Exploring Russian Stories & Folklore
Paper matryoshka families
three paper dolls are holding hands on a blue background
Paper Doll Crafts for Kids #Craftsforkids