DesertRose,;,The Torquay 305, Our Designs, G.J. Gardner Homes Bendigo.... YES, YES, YES!!!,;,

Swap the entertainment and living. The bigger for hometheatre and smaller for living, opening to kitchen area and alfresco. The Torquay Our Designs, G. Gardner Homes Bendigo.

Livingstone JG King Could work if flipped

Livingstone JG King Could work for us just minus the rumpus, retreat & 2 back bedrooms.

interesting single-story floor plan

PANTRY Interesting single-story floor plan, imagine the large deck that butts up to the pool with the folding doors wide open.

Central alfresco floorplan 36

Central alfresco floorplan 36 Make the theatre a dog room and the lounge an office/library and I'll be set!

Mandalay 338, Our Designs, New South Wales Builder, GJ Gardner Homes New South Wales

Floor Plan Friday: Separate Living Zones The living, study and beds adjacent to the garage would make a great second home and put another bedroom in place of the living room next to the 'guest bed'