low water - grasses, mexican sage, succulents // Great Gardens & Ideas // - near front ditch so no-mow natural ball-catching fence!

Russian sage, Verbena bonariensis, Mexican Feather grass, Miscanthus, purple and grey plant combination design by Giardino Segreto

Timms Bach in Great Barrier Island (NZ) by Herbst Architects

Timms Bach / Herbst Architects

when in doubt ...plant lavender

love the Lavender planted in a row behind green bushes. makes that purple pop!

Designer Judy Kameon wanted Benson's stairs, which are made of landscape ties, to wind through a sea of plants, slowing the uphill walk and inviting visitors to enjoy the colors and textures of grasses and fragrant herbs.

The first rule of stair-side plants: What grows by your feet gets extra attention. The etched leaves of Hedera helix 'Needlepoint,' the gold-plumed Stipa tenuissima, and Lavandula 'Grosso,' which releases its scent when rubbed, all reward close scrutiny.

Modern side yard landscape with staggered paver path and carefully placed landscaping.

Lewis designed the landscape, installed by Dirty Work Landscape, to include Siskiyou Blue Idaho fescue along the side of the house.

Combinaciones de materiales que agradan, equilibrio y sobriedad para indicar recorridos......:). Wonderland Park Residence - Fiore Landscape Design #Landscape_Design ##Landscape_Design_Ideas #Simple_Garden_Design #optimumgarden.com

Wonderland Park Residence - Fiore Landscape Design - not sure where those steps lead but - nice :-)

Leucophyta brownii - silver cushion bush. Australian native.

Leucophyta brownii, the silver cushion bush. an Australian native and excellent drought-resistant ground cover

Also know as Australian Tea Tree (leptospermum laevigatum), most of the 86 different Leptospermum species make desirable garden plants and are available with white, pink or red flower shades. Cultivars range in size from 3-26 feet, so read labels carefully to avoid extra pruning. Leaves are evergreen and small. Hardiest are L. scoparium, L. lanigerum, L. liversidgei, L. polygalifolium, and L. rupestre, all of which can tolerate temperatures to -18°F; others are sensitive to frost. They…

Leptospermum scoparium, Ruby Glow: New Zealand Tea Tree, cold and drought tolerant, blooms Winter to Spring, zones-unknown.

Coastal, Mediterranean.#peterfudge

Rosemary cloud pruning by Peter Fudge. Don't limit yourself to Buxus. Pinned by Emily Preece Garden Design.

grown-up bean bag :)

Wool Bean Bag Spaces from GAN: Sail Collection

This bean bag pouf chair is rocking my work right now. get in my livingroom