Evergreen Magnolia Hedge. Click for info on how to care for magnolias.

If you want to grow an Evergreen magnolia hedge you are best using a Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ or Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ as these are dwarf varieties of the…

Sam Cox landscape design Native garden in a tight inner city space.

Native garden in urban courtyard. Basalt font brings a trickle of water into this tight space

renlita bi-fold doors

Gliderol Australia - Renlita Specialty Doors - Australian Manufacturer of residential and industrial roller doors

Briar Summit Residence - Fiore Landscape Design

michael fiore landscape design / briar summit residence, lax - I wouldn't want to do exactly these designs but there are elements I like

Dark Charcoal exterior colour scheme teamed with warm timber decking and trims

Malcolm& Property Developments Pty Ltd trading as Design Studio 22 Qld Galleries. Browse photos from Malcolm& Property Developments Pty Ltd trading as Design Studio 22 Qld

Outdoor living design with bbq area from a real Australian home - Outdoor Living photo 1000295

Outdoor Living Ideas & Outdoor Area Photos

What's the secret to a good-looking and functional outdoor area design? Read our tips and outdoor living ideas to help create your dream outdoor area.

big-3-17-2011111120A2681697Gravel-Garden-Beth-Chatto.jpg (800×563)

The Beth Chatto Gardens - Gravel Garden/ golden oat grass nxt to flowering plants top patio wall

backyard garden ideas australia - Google Search

Back wall idea - Wood backdrops. Would cover some of the water damage and discoloration and break it up a bit.