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a piece of metal that has been made to look like an owl with yellow eyes
three white and green plastic objects sitting on a pink towel next to a tag with the word aze
a close up of a toy cat on the ground near a box with rocks in it
four metal sculptures made to look like birds with eyes on them'heads and legs
Doggies - They are made from horse shoes, hammer heads, washers and some re bar
a red and white fox mask with black eyes
the sculpture is made out of wood and has scissors in it's hands, on top of plywood
a metal cat figurine sitting next to a ruler on a pink background with the name california aze written in it
a bird made out of plastic sitting on top of a table
36 Different Ways To Make Yummy Potatoes Recipes For Your Daily Meal
Shar pei Rocking Horseshoe Toy
Teddy Bear Rocking Horseshoe Toy
9hr 55min · 1 serving Ingredients: • Three Pony Sized Horseshoes • Four Horseshoe Nails
a cat head made out of white plastic with black ears and eyes on it's face
a black cat statue sitting on top of a white table next to a metal object