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a paper rainbow decoration hanging on a wall
7.5" Rainbow Mini Piñata Party Decoration - Spritz
Add cheerful, fun vibes to any event with this 7.5-Inch Rainbow Mini Piñata Party Decoration from Spritz™. This adorable pinata is designed in the shape of a rainbow with colorful stripes for added fun. Simply use the attached loop to hang this rainbow pinata wherever everyone can enjoy it, or hang more than one for an even more festive decorative backdrop.
a white cake sitting on top of a table next to a potted plant and paper chain
How to make a DIY Paint Chip Paper Chain Garland
someone is cutting out paper with scissors and confetti
DIY ‘Stained Glass’ Unicorn
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Shaped DIY Birthday Candles!
some black and blue balloons are arranged in the shape of a flower
DIY - Balloon Flower
Looking to add some neat decorations to your latest event? Come learn how to make a simple balloon flower!
three white party hats with colorful sprinkles and the word feliz cumpleanoos written on them
Sprinkled Mini Party Hats... - Jacks and Kate
an assortment of fruits and vegetables hanging from a string on a white wall with green leaves
DIY Summer Fruit Balloons
some paper circles are hanging from the wall and one is being cut out with scissors
DIY Paper Punch Backdrop
a red box with a drawing of a fox on it and the words how to make a pinata from a cereal box
How to make a piñata from a cereal box
Why spend money busing a pinata when you can make one at home from a cereal box and some other scraps lying around the house!
How to make a streamer backdrop
an instagram with two paper crowns on it
DIY Paper Cup Party Crowns
two candles tied with twine on white surface
DIY Honey Bee Themed Party Favors: Easy and Affordable!
a person holding up a piece of paper with an object on it
Rainbow Honeycomb Place Cards