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an image of a painting of trees in the woods with yellow leaves on the ground
Gianni Notarianni | Gianni Notarianni
Gianni Notarianni | Gianni Notarianni
a chair and ottoman in front of a painting on the wall
Big Green Painting But a diff shade and next to dining table wall
a living room with white furniture and green painting on the wall, along with color swatches
a painting of a canal with buildings in the background
Magí Puig #Magí_Puig oil painting art #oil_painting #landscapes landscape
a painting of a palm tree in front of an old building with crumbling walls and windows
Magi Puig: The New Paintings in association with Sala Pares Gallery, Barcelona - Exhibition at The Studio at Messum's in Marlow
a painting of an alley way with blue sky in the background and green door on one side
Magí Puig - Sala Parés
an oil painting of clothes hanging out to dry on the clothesline in front of a yellow building
Maggie 2018 - Paintings
Maggie 2018 - Paintings
an alley way with blue walls and people walking down it
magí puig
three paintings are shown on the wall with wood flooring
👆🏼 High Meadow / 22x30 🏔 . . . Not sure what came over me, but I was ON FIRE in the studio this weekend. I did not take it for granted! . .…