I just love fall fruit! And the plums at the farmers' market this week looked absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I bought way more than we could eat or make into cobbler (one of my favorite things to do...

Asian Plum Sauce (Market Monday) _ This stuff is so delicious! It’s great for dipping things like egg rolls & pot stickers, but my favorite thing to use it for is dressing up a pork roast.

Seriously Easy hollandaise Sauce

Seriously Easy Hollandaise Sauce

- Add 5 egg yolks to blender. Add ¼ cup lemon juice, ¼ tsp salt to yolks. Melt ¼ cup butter in saucepan. When melted, turn blender on low, slowly adding melted butter. That’s the key.

grapefruit marmalade recipe thumb

A quick and delicious grapefruit marmalade recipe. Looking for an easy homemade jam recipe? Want to make homemade food gifts or homemade gifts in a jar?

Plum Chutney Recipe

Heaven Can Wait - Plum Chutney Recipe Smells delicious when cooking, easy to can

Homemade Plum Sauce, GreatPartyRecipes.com

Homemade Plum Sauce Egg Rolls sit up and beg for a good Plum Sauce recipe. But Plum Sauce is also an excellent dipping sauce for chicken nuggets, shrimp, pork, and baked fish.

Spicy Plum Sauce Recipe | Taste of Home

Spicy Plum Sauce

Spicy Plum Sauce Recipe | Taste of Home