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small ceramic houses are stacked on top of each other
Miniature ceramic houses
three small houses are painted in different colors and designs on the shelf next to each other
How to Make a Mixed Media Wooden House
Wooden key holder
Candy shop 
Light house
Little House Interior, Decoration, Wooden Crafts
Little wooden city
three small wooden houses with painted windows and doors
Set of 3 Wood Houses, Cottage Miniature, Wood Block House - Etsy
Set of 3 Wood Houses Cottage Miniature Wood Block House - Etsy
a group of small houses sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a book
Coastal & Driftwood Home Art | The SeaSalt Shed | United Kingdom
two small houses are painted with flowers on the front and side, along with a potted plant in the background
Set of 3 Farmhouse Wood Block Houses - Etsy
colorful decorated cookies with houses and flowers on them