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Epona - traditional - Celtic Art Open Edition Giclee Print by Jen Delyth

The Horse was of tremendous importance to the early nomadic Celts, a major symbol of energy, power and fertility. Epona is the White Mare Horse Goddess, also known as Rhiannon (Wales) and Macha and Etain (Ireland)

Understanding celtic symbols

Understanding Celtic symbols is shown in the image above. Celtic history is one of the most important parts of history as it was the start of many other Religious groups and their own symbols or signs.

Celtic Dragon

Celtic Dragon Celtic and Fantasy art in Cast Paper by Kevin Dyer, Celtic Irish Scottish Welsh English dragon dragons knot knots knotwork art artwork fairy fairies tree trees fantasy druid druidism

Celtic Mandala Tattoos for Pinterest

Celtic knotwork graphic adapted from a traditional pattern. The pentacle star is woven into the design itself instead of the knotwork design being a "frame" for the star.