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Hence the fact that I have 20 bottles.but rarely paint my nails.

10  Hilarious Comics For Socially Awkward People

10+ Hilarious Comics For Socially Awkward People

The story of my liiiiiiife, I take her home, I drive all night, to mak sure she feeds her cats.

6 truths about having a crush (by C. Cassandra)

6 truths about having a crush (by C. Cassandra) << the only problem with this is the last one says your crush feels the same way. It should obviously say your crush feels the same way about someone else

It is not new news that the image of Barbie is one that is unrealistic. It has been documented that the proportions of Barbie could never be possible, but something new is looking into what she would look like without makeup. The images show that even barbie isnt perfect underneath all the extra add-ons and idolizing her is just silly. Jessica V

What Barbie Would Look Like Without Her Makeup

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Quote on humor ecard: Women are like volcanoes. Both stay calm for extended periods of time before exploding and killing everything. Then, there's calm again - Truth

Seriously, stick to the script.

You are not responding in the wat I imagined you would respond when I acted out this conversation in my head. Stop it. Your eCards


27 Real-Life Moments That Will Make You Say, "Dafuq?"

Yep - here they are - even more of those insulting, vulgar, dirty, nasty e-cards. Read at the risk of taking them personally.

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