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Diabetics can have problems in their eyes due to their condition, so make sure you go to the optometrist for testing at least once a year. Many optometrists have special machines, which can look inside your eyeball to check for the typical damage of a diabetic, and can sometimes diagnose your disease before you even have symptoms! Diabetics must remember that cough lozenges are still candies!... FULL ARTICLE @ http://www.diabetes-matters.com/great-advice-for-anyone-diagnosed-with-diabetes-3/

When people ask why you’re wearing a beeper The 25 Most Awkward Times To Be A Type 1 Diabetic.I can relate to all except 23 and

So true!

So true!

Unfortunately I do not self regulate well with low sugar levels either.

Diabetic Cat - "Why are u so mean right now, is your blood sugar okay? Yes its fine, I just hate you! - Diabetics are human - not EVERYTHING is related to our Blood Sugar status.


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diabetes kills more people a year than breast cancer and aids combined. november is diabetes awareness month, lets find a cure <3

November Awareness, Diabetes Aware, Support Awareness, Diabetes Ribbon, yes I do and I will to help find a cure love you very much mother

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Type I diabetes is a very severe disease. The average life-span of a type 1 diabetic is years shorter than an average person.

Growing Up With Type 1 Diabetes

Health professionals avoid calling it juvenile diabetes, but Type diabetes used to go by that name because it's most likely to occur in the young.